Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Global Day of Play

Almost exactly a year ago, a kid named Caine got bored at his dad's auto shop and made an arcade out of a bunch of cardboard boxes. A guy who needed a part for his car stopped by and saw Caine's arcade, and became its first customer. The guy also happened to be a filmmaker, and he made a little documentary about Caine and his arcade:

The Kickstarter campaign generated over $200,000 for Caine's college fund.

And then it kept going. Caine and the filmmaker issued a challenge to kids everywhere, urging them to get out and make things and innovate.
So a year later, there's a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging kids to innovate and learn and explore, and an associated Global Day of Play, when everybody all over the world can create and play and learn, just like Caine.

Pretty neat.

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