Sunday, September 23, 2012

Father and Son Save 120 From Hurricane Isaac Floods

People Are Awesome: Father and Son Save 120 From Hurricane Isaac Floods | New Orleans on GOOD

In Plaquemines Parish, LA, Hurricane Isaac's floodwaters came up so fast that emergency crews couldn't get in to evacuate the parish's residents. So Jesse Shaffer, Sr. and his son went around in a boat and rescued people from their homes, sometimes hacking away at barriers and braving stiff winds to rescue trapped and stranded people. In all, they rescued 120 people from the flood.

Now that the waters are beginning to subside, they're guiding people back to their homes.

Says one of the people they rescued:

"This man here, Jesse, I called him and said my son and grandson were trapped, and he said 'I'm on my way,'" said Mary Williams, 66, who couldn't enter her home on Saturday because the water still was too high. "Him, he needs to go to the President. He needs to be a national hero."
And here's a short video of Jesse Jr. on the roof of a house during Isaac.

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